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Madrid’s International is a Company with a Three Facet Focus.

  • Beautiful Hair
  • Technical Skills
  • Inspire Motivation

Together these three weave a fabric that is designed to assure the Professional Cosmetologist Strength as well as the Intrical Balance that is needed to start and maintain a successful career as a Profesional Stylist, Salon Business Owner, Teacher / Instructor along with the importance of a Positive Mental and Physical Lifestyle.

Let’s Take a Look at the Next Generation in Hair Care.

Beautiful Hair
Beautiful Hair starts with a line of Products that are Synergistically Formulated to which every ingredient blends together in Perfect Harmony to give the Hair the Maximum in Cleansing, Conditioning, Style ability and Maintenance.

Madrid’s Exclusive Hair Care Products as well as the Madrid’s Global Texture Relaxer are systems. They systematically build Integrally into the hair that gives it its opulence.

There is absolutely none Better. Experience it for yourself.

Need Skills ? ? ?

Technical Skills are the Professional Cosmetologist best Friends. The Ability to Perform any Salon Service is essential to the Growth and Retention of a Clientele Base.

“If you don’t know – How can you grow” ? ? ?

Let Madrid’s International and the Global Texture Design team give you the Best in Technical Skill Training in Basic and Advance Hair Design.

Hands on Workshop, Seminars, Personal one on one, or for your entire staff, we can help you because We GOT SKILLS ! ! !

Inspire Motivation

Inspiration is the Stimulous to creative thoughts and actions.

What is your Inspiration ? ? ?

It’s the Source behind you
It’s the Force that guides you

Don’t Stop Thinking
Don’t Stop Dreaming
Don’t Stop Reaching

Being the Best is being Better than the Rest

Don’t Give Up
Don’t Give Out
Don’t Give In

Be the Best and Your Inspiration will do the rest